Item code
E-01 Introduction to Certified Standards Expert (CSE)
E-02 Criteria for Initial Certification (CSE)
E-03 Examination requiremnt for CSE
E-04 Ceritification Renewal Requirements and Process (CSE)
S-01 Introduction to Certified IPC Specialist(CIS)
S-02 Criteria for Initial Certification and Requirement (CIS)
S-03 Examination requiremnt for CIS
S-04 Certification Renewal Requirements(CIS)
T-01 Introduction to Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)
T-02 Criteria for Initial Certification (CIT)
T-03 Examination requiremnt for CIT
T-04 Certification Renewal Requirements (CIT)
T-05 Regional Restrictions for CIT
G-01 Use of Certificates, Logos, and Marks
G-02 Verification of Certification Status
G-03 Taking IPC Pre-Requisite Exam (IPC Essential for CSE & CIT)
G-04 COVID-19 IPC Training and Certification Update