Essential Soldering Skill Training

Most of electronic manufacturing companies require workforce in handling hand soldering. Faced with tight production schedule, new recruits in handling soldering task may be inducted without any proper soldering training for them to perform readily at their work stations. As such, poor quality workmanship would be generated. This course is specially designed to benefit learners with little knowledge in soldering, as well as learners who are seeking skill enhancements.
Techment Consultancy has been offering various IPC Standards Trainings for more than 10 years. Hence, this workmanship class inclines towards IPC Standards and its expectations. Our training centre is fully equipped with soldering equipment and tools.  The learners will expose to the soldering needs in both theory and practical aspects. The gained skill from this training would enable them to assimilate confidently into their respective companies by using correct terminologies and ready to work. 

Course Objective:
On completion of this course, learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of soldering and capable of performing basic soldering skills conforming to acceptable workmanship standards. Learners are expected to be able to:

  1. Apply safe working practices associated with the soldering process.
  2. Basic soldering equipment set up with essential accessories.
  3. Use correct terminologies in their soldering tasks.
  4. Demonstrate proper care & use of the soldering iron and tips
  5. Identify the various types of components used: Through-hole, SMD QFP, Chips, PLCC, connectors etc. Select the correct grades, sizes of solder.
  6. Understand the hazards and use of fluxes and cleaning solvents
  7. Correctly solder unsupported and supported through-hole PCB components correctly solder surface mount devices (SMD) to PCB
  8. Remove and replace solder joints and components on PCBs using: solder wick, soldering irons, heated tweezers and hot air rework stations
  9. Inspect work for quality in line with industry expectations.

Who should attend?
New Recruits for soldering stations,  Line leaders, Trainers, Supervisors and Operators from Electronic Industry.

Course Outline: